Can you make a retirement pension?


Only some pensioners receive high benefits. Many of them get small pensions, which are barely enough to make ends meet. Therefore, pensioners are often interested in additional earnings. Can you make a retirement pension?

Currently, you can earn some extra money for your retirement benefit. Although the government has recently planned to prohibit the making of a retirement pension, these changes have not come into effect. However, it is worth remembering that dorabianie retired is also associated with specific requirements and restrictions.

Many seniors, even after retirement, still retain their professional activity. However, working retirees who have not completed the so-called statutory age should be careful and always pay attention to the amount of their additional income. If you want to work and collect retirement benefits at the same time, we should also notify the Social Insurance Institution. This obligation does not apply to persons who have reached the universal retirement age determined individually – depending on the date of birth.

Limits for making money in retirement


Czy można dorabiać na emeryturze?

The limits on earning for pensioners and pensioners are determined on the basis of the average remuneration co-financed by the president of the Central Statistical Office.

The pension is reduced if the average wage is exceeded by a minimum of 70%. The benefit is suspended when the beneficiary earned more than 130% of the average salary.

From 1 June 2017, pensioners can earn the following sums monthly:

• up to PLN 3047.50 gross – without reducing the benefit

• from PLN 3047.51 to PLN 5659.70 gross – the benefit is then reduced by the sum of exceeding 70% of the average monthly salary

• over PLN 5659.70 gross – ZUS stops the payment of a retirement or disability pension

The amount of the amounts presented above changes four times a year, specifically in March, June, September, and December, so it is worth checking them regularly so that the above limits are not exceeded. Otherwise, the pension may be reduced or suspended.

ZUS may take the maximum pensioner to:

PLN 565.53 – old-age pension, disability pension due to total inability to work

• PLN 480.73 – survivor’s pension for one person

• PLN 424.18 – a pension for partial incapacity to work

Who can earn without limits?

Without limitation, in turn, they can be made mainly by those pensioners who have reached the universal retirement age before taking up paid work or before retiring.

This also applies to beneficiaries who:

• they have a fixed right to a retirement pension which was subject to suspension due to the fact that throughout the calendar year they worked they worked under the same employment relationship and for the same employer with whom they worked prior to retirement

• they have income from work that is not subject to social insurance obligations, for example from a contract for specific work

• they applied for a suspension of benefit and ZUS for the entire calendar year did not pay the person a retirement or disability pension

• have the right to a pension: as war invalids, for staying in a camp and places of detention or survivors’ pensions after these invalids

• have the right to a military invalidity pension in connection with military service or survivor’s pension after a soldier whose death is related to military service