How to pay by card in foreign on-line stores?


It has become very fashionable recently to buy in all kinds of foreign stores. This fact should not come as a surprise because by buying on foreign portals, you can save a lot.

People who have not yet taken advantage of the opportunities offered by foreign purchases will certainly wonder how these transactions are made. So let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Shopping on foreign websites gives us many possibilities. We can buy a CD of your favorite band faster or original clothes of famous brands not available in Polish stores. In addition, we can also purchase unique electronic equipment that is not yet available in our country.

All this makes many people have been using this type of shopping for a long time. There is no doubt that often all goods are offered at very attractive prices. This applies in particular to products from China or Japan.

Making transactions in foreign stores

Jak płacić kartą w zagranicznych sklepach on-line?

If you want to shop in a foreign store, you must log in first of all. After verification of our account, we can start shopping. Prices in such stores are given in the currency in force in the given country, but after selecting the items they are converted into Polish zlotys.

Once the goods have been selected, we proceed to the summary and we also make payments there. In principle, depending on the store, we can choose three types of payments. The most popular one is this one using our payment card. It is required to provide the number of our card, as well as our data and the code securing the card – Card Security Code. This is the three-digit number on the back of the card. The second, very fast payment method is the one using PayU.

We only choose the name of our bank from the list and the system automatically transfers us to its website and there we only need to confirm the transaction with the number from the code card or the number sent by the bank by e-mail. The last form of payment is, of course, the transfer. We must then write all the data correctly and convert the amount during such a transaction. In addition, remember to enter your foreign bank account number in the IBAN format and use the SWIFT code, which will help us identify a foreign bank. Choosing the right payment method depends on us.

Important information related to foreign purchases

When buying on foreign portals, one should remember several important aspects. Above all, a commission for making payments should be expected. This is not a big amount, but you have to remember about it.

In addition, when buying electronic equipment from Great Britain, you can not forget about adapters, because the sockets in this country are different than in Poland. It should also be remembered that we will have to wait for foreign shipments from two weeks to even a month. All these “inconveniences” will be rewarded, however, in the form of unique equipment or other product, as well as significant savings when shopping on foreign websites.