How to pay less for car insurance?


The car generates a lot of costs even when we do not use it regularly. We must remember not only about the fuel fee but also about the costs of spare parts, parking, motorway fees or technical tests. Of course, we can not forget about car insurance – it is a pretty big cost for drivers. Can we reduce the price of the policy for the car?

According to the regulations, drivers must have compulsory third party liability insurance, which protects against costs arising when a collision or accident is caused. Lack of OC means that we are exposed to high fines, so it is worth having this policy always up to date. In addition to her, you can also buy voluntary motor insurance such as AC or NNW.

In recent years, the costs of motor insurance have gone up – even those drivers who had large discounts for accident-free driving had to take into account increases. In some of them, they amounted to even more than half of the currently paid contributions. It is not surprising that many car owners have started to look for ways to reduce these costs. How is this possible?

1. Compare the offers carefully

In the case of insurance policies, it is not profitable to be a regular customer – that’s when we can lose the most. One month before the end of our current policy, we can start looking for a new offer.

We can conduct a search for a new insurance policy by browsing the offers available online and using special rankings and comparison engines. We can also go to an insurance agent who will perform a comparison for us. Many drivers indicate that offers from agents and directly from insurers are cheaper than those available online through comparison websites and rankings

2. Purchase the insurance package

Another way to reduce the cost of the policy is to choose a package – of course, then we pay more in total, but for that, we get additional protection.

Currently, insurers are tempting promotions in the case of purchasing an OC package with other motor insurance – AC and NNW, as well as other voluntary insurance, such as home and flat insurance.

3. A policy with someone who has a discount

If we do not have any discount on insurance and we have to pay a high price, the solution may be to be a co-owner of the car with someone who has a discount, for example with a parent, spouse, but not necessarily a related person.

However, we must remember that if we cause damage, then both we and the co-owner of the car will lose the discount.

4. Insurance of two cars in the same company

When there are two cars in the family, then we can receive additional discounts for each of them in some insurance companies. In this way, policies will come cheaper.

5. Dealership package for new cars

If we have a newer car, often an attractive offer can be found directly at the car dealer. On the spot, we can then purchase comprehensive third-party insurance, AC, NNW, and Assistance at a low price.

These are just a few methods to lower the price of the OC policy – there are many more, such as registration of a car as historic, when there are grounds, using the insurance policy of the previous car owner when it is cheaper than ours.