Online shopping – what form of payment should you choose?


Do you want to do your first online shopping? You do not know how to do it yet? A lot of questions are primarily raised by choosing the right form of payment. When you also want to make a successful online shopping, see with us what payment method works best then!

Buying online has many advantages. There are many more stores to choose from than stationary, we can easily compare prices with each other, hunt for promotions, and also get access to many inaccessible stationary products. Of course, now we can do shopping not only in Polish online stores but also in foreign stores – almost all over the world.

In order to do online shopping, we must select the appropriate form of payment as well as delivery. Today, stores offer us several different methods of payment and we can choose the one that suits us best.

Payments in online stores – yesterday and today

Anyone who has been using the internet for more than a decade remembers that initially, we did not have many forms of payment to choose from. Basically, we had the option of making a transfer from our bank account or delivery on delivery, i.e. with payment to the postman when delivering the package.

Today, these two methods of payment are still available, but we also have other, including payment using online payment systems, as well as a payment or credit card. In addition, some stores allow you to pay up to 14 days after receiving the package, but it is quite a rare method and intended for regular customers of stores.

When we want our parcel from the online store to come to us as soon as possible, we should pay attention to three payment methods – internet payment systems, card payments and cash on delivery.

Fast, safe and convenient

Online payment systems are payments through another company to which we send money, and then it delivers them to the intended recipient. For the customer, the use of such a payment method is free. We can pay with such systems by bank transfer or by cards. It is a secure form of payment, which also allows you to speed up the shipment. How is this possible?

In the case of online payment systems, information about the payment made is forwarded to the recipient virtually immediately. This also applies to interbank transfers that normally reach the recipient within one business day. Thus, when paying with on-line systems, our package can be sent even on the same day.

Information about the deposit is also immediately available when choosing a card payment – but remember to pay it only in trusted stores. When it comes to payment on delivery, that is, cash on delivery, we must take into account that the store will demand a higher shipping fee. However, this is not a rule – in many stores, shipping on delivery and payment in advance costs the same.

In summary, currently, the most-effective method of payment in stores are special online payment systems. That’s why more and more online stores also use them.